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FLO-FAST Pump Holder

SKU 90901

The FLO-FAST Pump Holder was designed to secure your FLO-FAST pump when not in use or when transporting. Fasten the holder into a trailer, shop, or facility with the 6 provided screws. This holder is ultra-strong will provide the stability and security needed for your FLO-FAST Pump.

  • Aluminum frame offset to keep pump head away from trailer or facility wall
  • (2) Flexible poly clamps that enable the pump to be pushed into and pulled out of holder
  • (2) Safety clips when pump is being transported, holds the pump in place when you are traveling down the road


  • Aluminum plate
  • 2 plastic poly clamps
  • 2 screws and nuts to hold clamps in place
  • 2 rubber washers
  • 6 screws to attach holder to metal/wood