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Return Policy


All returns must be initiated within 30 days from the date of purchase.

MISSING PARTS: If a product is received with missing parts, the user should call Proformance Supply immediately. It is advised that customers check all product they have received to verify if any parts are missing. Product that is missing parts will not be given an RA number unless determined to be appropriate by Proformance Supply.

RETURNS: If a customer wishes to return product, they must contact Proformance Supply for a RA number within 30 days from the date of purchase. When the customer receives an RA number, they will also receive instructions as to how to return the product. Returns must be shipped back as specified by Proformance Supply. Customers may not return products directly to Proformance Supply without prior written permission. Shipments that are not received in accordance with the return policies will be refused. Returns must come back from the customer on the customer's freight account. Any attempt to send the return back on Proformance Supply's account will be refused. RA numbers will be valid for (10) days from date of issue. Restocking fees will be processed as below unless otherwise specified by Proformance Supply:

• 0% Restocking Fee: This applies to returns due to misshipments by Proformance Supply which were not opened and that arrive in completely new/original condition.
• 20% Restocking Fee: Applies to returns due to miss-orders, cancellations, decisions to use a different product or any other customer’s discretionary reason that isn’t under Proformance Supply's control. It also applies to any product that must be repackaged due to shipping damage, markings/labeling by customers or poor condition due to how the item was sent back or if the returned product is missing hardware and the hardware can be replaced at Proformance Supply's discretion.
• 100% Restocking Fee/No Credit: This applies if the returned product is unsellable or if the return is initiated after the 30 day return period from the date of purchase. Unsellable returns include, but not limited to: shipping damages, product that has been previously installed, product that has been partially or fully assembled, product that has been modified, or any other factors which would render the product to be unsellable.


The customer has the right to request the return of any merchandise after notification of restocking fees. Any return to the customer must ship on the customer's freight account. Requests for return of product must be made within 10 days after notification. After 10 days, items not returned will be scrapped.