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About Proformance Supply

About Us

Thank you for your interest in Proformance Supply

Proformance Supply can offer your business the products and solutions for your shop that truly separate you from your competitors. We work hard so that you get back to work faster. 

However, having a great product selection is only part of the equation. Providing you with exceptional customer service, fair prices and fast deliveries is our true secret to our success and continued growth. Some of the advantages of shopping with us include:

Brand Name Recognition – Our product offerings are utilized in national service centers, quick lube shops, fleet operation, dealers and distributors all over North America. Coupled with our manufactures guarantees, we have earned the recognition to be widely trusted. 

Diverse Product Line – From the trusted Tote-A-Lube tanks to bulk Fuel and DEF dispensing solutions to unique mobile tool chests and  value-built equipment, Proformance Supply offers a diverse selection of solutions for consumers.

Large On-Hand Inventory Proformance Supply stocks a large supply of storage tanks, tools and system accessories at our warehouse.

Stability Proformance Supply is a reputable business. We have the assets and team leadership that enables us to to continue to offer you the best product lines in the industry.

Confidence – You can be confident when purchasing quality products from Proformance Supply because of our care and attention to detail to your order and our personalized customer service.

Fast Shipping – Armed with our industry leading dispatch team, Proformance Supply will can ship your orders and  solutions quickly and safely.