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Poly Tanks

Tote-A-Lube tanks and Wall-Stacker poly oil storage tanks are in stock for immediate delivery! Stackable tanks can be configured in multiple fluids systems. We also offer small capacity tanks, and large, vertical cylindrical tanks. No matter what your bulk fluid storage needs are, we have a solution!
Tote-A-Lube Stackable Tanks

Tote-A-Lube Stackable Tanks

Available in 35 to 330 gallon capacities, Tote-A-Lube tanks are idal for storing multiple fluids, DEF, oils and lubricants in a single stacked fluid system. The 35, 70 and 130 gallon tanks can be stacked 4 high. Each Tote-A-Lube system also can be equipped with a pump package, secondary containment vessels, remote fill kits and can be fitted on a mobile base for movement around the shop.

• 35, 70 and 120 Gallon Tanks - 32"D x 32"W
• 130, 180, 240 and 330 Gallon Tanks - 42"D x 42"W

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Wall Stacker Stackable Tanks

Wall-Stacker Stackable Tanks

Available in 32, 71, and 115 gallon capacities, Wall-Stacker tanks are ideal for tight spaces because of their compact 19"D x 38"W tank footprints. The space-saving tanks can be configured with gravity feed dispense, wall-mount pumps, hose reels, secondary containment vessels and other dispense and metering equipment.

• 32 Gallon Tank - 19"D x 38"W x 18"H
• 71 Gallon Tank - 19"D x 38"W x 33"H
• 115 Gallon Tank - 19"D x 38"W x 48"H

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 Wall-Stacker Oil Tanks and Gravity Feed Systems

Space-Saving Wall-Stacker Gravity Feed Systems

Wall-Stacker Stackable Tank Systems are ideal fluid and oil storage solutions for constrained locations such as bay ends and pits. These tanks will maximize floor space, and provide safe and efficient storage for bulk automotive fluids.
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Cylindrical Vertical Tanks

Cylindrical Vertical Tanks

Above ground, vertical plastic storage tanks ideal for automotive fluid and oil storage provides even pressure distribution due to the elimination of stress points found in square tanks.
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