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Wall Stacker Tanks, Systems and Accessories

Space saving Wall-Stacker Tanks and Gravity Feed Fluid Storage Systems maximize valuable space with the smallest possible footprint. Wall-Stackers allow bulk oil and automotive fluid storage in an efficient stacked tank system at constrained locations such as bay ends and pits. Wall-Stackers utilize steel wall straps to secure the storage system to a wall.

Wall Stacker Stackable Tanks

Wall-Stacker Stackable Tanks

Available in 32, 71, and 115 gallon capacities, Wall-Stacker tanks are ideal for tight spaces because of their compact 19"D x 38"W tank footprints. The space-saving tanks can be configured with gravity feed dispense, wall-mount pumps, hose reels, secondary containment vessels and other dispense and metering equipment.

• 32 Gallon Tank - 19"D x 38"W x 18"H
• 71 Gallon Tank - 19"D x 38"W x 33"H
• 115 Gallon Tank - 19"D x 38"W x 48"H

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