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FLO-FAST Funnel Kit

SKU 40410

The FLO-FAST Container Funnel Kit is a perfect solution for pouring fluids back into your FLO-FAST container, or back into an industry standard large mouth container that has a 3 inch opening.

The FLO-FAST Funnel Kit is a 10 1/2 inch wide funnel with flip top lid is a perfect solution for transferring fluids.  It fits our FLO-FAST containers and most industry standard, large mouth containers with a 3 inch opening.  The funnel kit offers a 40 micron screen to filter out any unwanted debris.  In addition, the flip top lid will keep dust and debris out of the inside of the funnel.  The kit includes an integrated cap that is secured with 3 stainless steel allen head screws.

  • Funnel provides a fast fluid transfer rate and is ultra handy when fuel or fluid transfer is needed between your containers
  • Ideal funnel tool to pour off old and unwanted hazardous fluids when you are at the track
  • Fits FLO-FAST containers and most utility and fuel containers with a 3 inch wide opening
  • Flip top lid eliminates any unwanted dust and debris from getting inside funnel opening
  • Simply screw on and screw off a container in seconds and seal container up with the original cap
  • Internal screen that is removable, giving users the ability to clean off filter screen


  • 3 inch cap with internal O-ring
  • Funnel with lid
  • 40 micron screen