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John Dow Industries

15 Gallon Fuel Station


John Dow Industry's 15 Gallon Fuel Station is UN/DOT approved for the gasoline and fuel transport by motor vehicles and is approved to gravity dispense fuel into gas powered portable equipment, vehicle fuel tanks or other approved containers and machinery.

This steel portable fuel station has been vigorously tested for leakage, rupture, stability, abuse and endurance. Built with safety the number one priority, the UN/DOT approval speaks volumes for the quality of the product.

It was specifically designed to be bolted into a trailer for those needing to transport up to 15 gallon capacities of fuel, safely.

Fuel Station Features:

  • 15.0 gallon capacity
  • Full retail packaging
  • Durable welded steel tank
  • UN/DOT approved
  • Gravity feed tank
  • 10' dispense hose
  • Built-in shut off valve
  • Ground wire for safety
  • Squeeze handle dispenser
  • Gross weight filled: 116 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 39"L x 14.5"H x 12"W

Fuel Station Uses:

  • Landscaping
  • Farming
  • Golf course maintenance
  • Recreational
  • Outdoor
  • Small engines
  • Bolting into your trailer
  • Reducing trips to the gas station