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A Comprehensive Comparison: Heated and Unheated Blue1 Portable DEF Transfer Tanks

Written by: Proformance Supply


When it comes to DEF transfer tanks for Diesel Exhaust Fluid, choosing the right equipment is crucial for efficient and reliable operations.

Blue1 Energy Equipment offers portable heated and unheated DEF Dispensing Units. We will delve into their product specifications, including dimensions, capacities, and features, while also highlighting the advantages of steel DEF tanks over alternative DEF tanks manufactured from polyethylene, specifically focusing on the TPDU-M model. Additionally, we will shed light on why Blue1 is a renowned manufacturer in the industry.

Blue1 is a trusted manufacturer of DEF transfer tanks and equipment, known for their exceptional features and benefits. The TPDU-M model from Blue1 is designed to streamline DEF handling, ensuring accurate and safe dispensing. These versatile units incorporate elements such as integrated heating systems and digital flow meters to optimize DEF handling, making the steel DEF tanks a popular choice across various industries. These units are built to last, ensuring long-term reliability and performance.

Heated Blue1 Portable DEF Dispensing Units

The heated TPDU-M model by Blue1 is specifically designed for cold weather conditions. It features an integrated heating system that prevents DEF from freezing during frigid temperatures. 

The integrated heating and insulated system features a 120 vac 475 watt heating system that is designed to prevent the diesel exhaust fluid from freezing in minimum ambient conditions down to -40⁰F (-40⁰C). The heated DEF units are available in 60 and 100 gallons.

The heating system consists of two low watt density, low profile, waterproof, pressure laminated heater pads. One heater pad is attached directly to the exterior of the polyethylene DEF Tank and the second heater pad is attached directly to the underside of the PDU Equipment Tray. The heaters are connected to an Electronic Temperature Controller that is also located on the underside of the PDU Tray. This Temperature Controller will automatically energize and de-energize both heaters based upon the ambient air temperature being monitored and measured inside of the PDU Enclosure. The entire heating system becomes functional when a 120vac power supply is plugged into the Power Receptacle on the side of the PDU enclosure. A 20 foot industrial grade extension cord is included with the system. The heating system will automatically switch on and remain switched on when the Temperature Controller is registering an ambient air temperature below 30⁰F (-1.1⁰C) inside of the PDU Enclosure. The heating system will automatically switch off and remain switched off during all time periods when the Temperature Controller is registering ambient air temperatures above 30⁰F (-1.1⁰F) inside the PDU Enclosure.

Unheated Blue1 Portable DEF Dispensing Units

The unheated DEF Transfer Tanks offer all the standard features of the TPDU-M models without the integrated heating system. It is ideal for regions with milder climates or controlled indoor environments. The dimensions of the TPDU-M model remain the same as the heated variant, ensuring easy maneuverability and convenience.

Heated and Unheated TPDU-M Portable DEF Transfer Tanks Features & Benefits

  • TD12V Self-Priming Diaphragm Pump 

  • 20 ft. Dispense Hose

  • 4 ft. Suction Hose

  • Auto Shut Off Nozzle w/ Swivel

  • High Flow Valve

  • High Flow Dispense Coupler

  • DEF Port will only accept DEF Nozzle

  • Forklift Accessible for Easy Transport

  • Complete Security with an easy-to-lift, lockable hinged lid that keeps equipment and DEF free from dust and debris and the locking arm keeps the lid open when in use

  • Front View Strip to Monitor DEF Level Visibility

  • 3 DEF Transfer Tanks in 20g, 60g, 100gallon Capacities

  • Heavy-duty powder-coated carbon steel outer tank has a rust resistant finish

Blue1 TPDU-M Model Specifications:

The Blue1 TPDU-M DEF transfer tanks are a versatile model designed for efficient and reliable fluid management. It incorporates innovative features and advanced technology to optimize DEF handling. It includes an integrated heating system, automatic shut-off nozzle with flow control, and a digital turbine flow meter for accurate measurements.

20-Gallon Capacity:

Weight: 131 lbs
Dimensions: 30inL x 18inD x 22inH
Heated Option: No


60-Gallon Capacity:

Weight: 200 lbs
Dimensions: 45inL x 24inD x 30inH
Heated Option: Yes


100-Gallon Capacity:

Weight: 261 lbs
Dimensions: 48inL x 30inD x 34inH
Heated Option: Yes

TPDU-M Steel DEF transfer tanks from Blue1

Advantages of Steel DEF Tanks over Polyethylene

Steel DEF transfer tanks, specifically the TPDU-M from Blue1, offers several advantages over polyethylene alternatives, making them the preferred choice in many applications.

Durability and Sturdiness

Steel DEF transfer tanks exhibit exceptional durability and are highly resistant to impacts and punctures. They are designed to withstand rough handling and harsh environments, ensuring a longer lifespan compared to polyethylene tanks.


Fire Safety

Steel DEF tanks, including the TPDU-M model, offer inherent fire resistance, enhancing safety measures in environments where fire hazards may be a concern.


UV Radiation and Chemical Resistance

Steel tanks are highly resistant to UV radiation and certain chemicals, safeguarding the DEF quality and preventing potential degradation and contamination. In contrast, steel tanks offer excellent resistance to UV rays and chemicals, ensuring the DEF's integrity and maintaining fluid quality.

Blue1: A Renowned Manufacturer

Blue1 is a well-established manufacturer known for producing high-quality DEF transfer tanks and equipment. With years of experience in the DEF industry, Blue1 has acquired extensive expertise and knowledge. They have built a reputation for reliability and offer excellent customer support.

The Blue1 TPDU-M model, with its DEF transfer capabilities, is designed to serve various markets and customers who require efficient and reliable fluid management solutions. Some of the markets and customers who would find this product beneficial include:

  • Transportation and Logistics Industry

    • Trucking companies: TPDU-M can be used by trucking companies to efficiently handle DEF for their fleet of vehicles.

    • Shipping and freight companies: The TPDU-M model can assist in managing DEF requirements for shipping and freight operations.


  • Construction and Heavy Equipment Industry

    • Construction companies: The TPDU-M can be utilized to handle DEF for construction machinery and equipment that require emissions control.

    • Excavation and mining companies: The DEF transfer tanks can serve these industries by providing DEF transfer capabilities for heavy machinery.


  • Agriculture Industry

    • Farms and agricultural operations: TPDU-M DEF Transfer Tanks can help manage DEF requirements for agricultural vehicles and machinery, such as tractors and harvesters.


  • Industrial and Manufacturing Sector

    • Manufacturing facilities: The TPDU-M can be used to handle DEF needs for industrial machinery and equipment that require emission controls.
      Power generation plants: The product can assist in managing DEF for generators and power plant equipment.


  • Fleet Management Companies

    • Fleet management companies: TPDU-M can be utilized by fleet management companies that oversee large vehicle fleets and require efficient DEF transfer solutions.

  • Government and Municipalities

    • Municipal transportation departments: The TPDU-M model can be employed by government agencies responsible for managing public transportation fleets.
      Municipal maintenance departments: The product can assist in handling DEF requirements for maintenance vehicles and equipment.

In the realm of DEF transfer tanks, the choice between heated and unheated Blue1 Portable DEF Dispensing Units depends on specific operational needs and environmental conditions. Both the heated and unheated Blue1 TPDU-M DEF Transfer Tanks are a reliable model available in various capacities from 20 (unheated only), 60, and 100 gallons. The outer steel construction of these DEF Transfer Tanks provides durability, resistance to UV radiation and chemicals, and improved fire safety. Blue1's reputation as a trusted manufacturer further reinforces their position in the industry.

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