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100 Gallon Portable Steel DEF Storage & Dispense System, HEATED

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The Heated Blue1 Portable Steel DEF Dispense Unit is a DEF compliant, enclosed, and secure mobile dispense system for diesel exhaust fluid.

This unit is insulated and fitted with a 120 vac 475 watt heating system that is designed to prevent diesel exhaust fluid from freezing in minimum ambient conditions down to 40⁰F. The DEF heating system consists of two low watt density, low profile, waterproof, pressure laminated heater pads. One heater pad is attached directly to the exterior of the polyethylene DEF Tank and the second heater pad is attached directly to the underside of the PDU Equipment Tray. The heaters are connected to an Electronic Temperature Controller that is also located on the underside of the PDU Tray. This Temperature Controller will automatically energize and de energize both heaters based upon the ambient air temperature being monitored and measured inside of the PDU Enclosure. The entire heating system becomes functional when a 120vac power supply is plugged into the Power Receptacle on the side of the PDU enclosure. A 20 foot industrial grade extension cord is included with the system. The heating system will automatically switch on and remain switched on when the Temperature Controller is registering an ambient air temperature below 30⁰F inside of the PDU Enclosure. The heating system will automatically switch off and remain switched off during all time periods when the Temperature Controller is registering ambient air temperatures above 30⁰F inside the PDU Enclosure.

The PE tank is ISO 22241 compliant for use with DEF. This unit comes with an easy to lift, hinged lid that keeps equipment and DEF free from dust and debris, and the locking arm keeps the lid open when in use. The portable DEF tank has a tamper-proof locking system for complete security. This unique storage and dispense system is housed in heavy-duty powder-coated carbon steel with a rust-resistant finish. The outside features a visible fluid monitoring strip that allows the operator to monitor DEF levels inside the tank.

The 100 Gallon Steel DEF System measures 48"W x 30"L x 34"H.

Heated Portable Steel DEF Storage & Dispense System Specifications

  • 120vac 475w Heating System
  • TD12V Self-Priming Diaphragm Pump
  • 20 ft. Dispense Hose
  • 4 ft. Suction Hose
  • Auto Shut Off Nozzle w/ Swivel
  • Blue1 High Flow Valve
  • Blue1 High Flow Dispense Coupler
  • DEF Port will only accept DEF Nozzle
  • Forklift Accessible for Easy Transport
  • Lockable Lid for Complete Security
  • Front View Strip for Fluid Level Visibility

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