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Roth Tank Cover (for 275 Gallon Roth Tanks)

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  • The Roth Tank Cover is Designed and Tested for Outdoor Installations
  • This Cover is Designed to Protect the Top of the Tank from Both Mother Nature's Weather Elements as Well as Harmful Ultraviolet Rays
  • The Cover Length and Width Are Not More than 5" Greater than the Overall Length and Width of the Tank it is Designed for the Cover Height is 12 in for All Models
  • Assembles and Installs Quickly with Stainless Steel Screws Provided
  • Fastens to Tank Lip with Self-Tapping Screws Provided
  • Knock-Outs on Both Ends and Back (Total of 4) for Fuel Oil Supply Lines
  • Required for Outdoor Tank Installations
  • May Be Used for Multiple Tank Installations with Separate Fill and Vent Lines When Fuel Oil Supply Lines Are Manifolded Outside the Covers
  • The Installation Fit Contains the Assembly Sheet, the Warning Label, Screws to Assemble the Cover and Secure it to the Tank, the Blind Plugs to Fill Unused Knock-Out Holes and the Lanyards with Pins to Secure the Cover in the Closed Position'

Specifications for Roth Heating Oil Storage Tanks

Double Wall Roth Tanks are certified to UL SU2258, and are compliant with NFPA 30 & 30A
Gallon Capacity 110 Gallons 165 Gallons 275 Gallons 275 Gallons 400 Gallons
Litre Capacity 400 Litres 620 Litres 1000 Litres 1000 Litres 1500 Litres
Roth Dimensions 28"W X 29"D 28"W X 29"D 28"W X 43"D 30"W X 51"D 30"W X 64"D
Tank Height 48"H 65"H 65"H 58"H 72"H

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