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What Size Roth Tank Do I Need For Home Heating Oil?

What Size Roth Tank Do I Need For Home Heating Oil?

If you own a home whose primary source of heat is oil, you are one of the estimated 6 million homes in America that rely on this as their energy source. While often overlooked, the last thing you want is to run out of oil during the cold winter months, especially if you can experience harsh weather conditions that may prevent you from having your oil tank filled for a few days or weeks. Therefore, knowing and/or obtaining the proper sized home heating oil tank is so important.

With a variety of different tank styles & sizes available, we are going to focus on a premier home heating oil tank supplier, Roth USA, to go over different sizes to help you decide what the best solution is for your home. Keep in mind that it is worth heavy consideration to buy a larger capacity double wall Roth tank than is required – This will allow you to have some spare inventory in the case of an emergency, and also allow you to take advantage of pricing if the costs decreases between refill periods.

The smallest capacity Roth tank is the 110 gallon double wall storage tank. This size tank is ideal if you reside in an impartment or small home that have 1-2 bedrooms that need heat. The total square footage should be 1,000 square feet or smaller.

If you have a home that requires more than 110 gallons, but is still on the smaller size, the next size up is 165 gallon double wall Roth tank. The perfect size home for this capacity is between 1,000 – 1,200 square feet and has two bedrooms.

For the middle capacity tank, Roth offers the 275 gallon tank in two different styles – the standard & low height tanks. This is to ensure that you have options to pick the tank that fits perfect for your home if you have low ceilings or limited space. This tank capacity size is recommended for homes between 1,200 – 1,700 square feet.

If your home has 3-4 bedrooms and is between 1,700 – 2,500, you will want to consider the 400 gallon Roth tank option. It offers the higher capacity, with the sleek design and small footprint Roth tanks are known for.

Keep in mind that if you are looking for additional capacity over the 400 gallons, you can combine tanks for additional heating needs. 

Roth Tanks Sizes

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Jay Jensen - November 8, 2022

What is the weight of the 275 gal tank?

Anonymous - March 15, 2021

The 400 gallon Roth Double Wall Tank shipping weight is 335 lbs. More details on the Roth tank here:

Richard A. Correia Sr. - March 15, 2021

Would like a price on a Roth 400 gallon double wall tank. How much does it weigh?

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