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FLO-FAST Pump Hose Extension Kit


SKU 40315

The FLO-FAST Pump Hose Extension Kit provides additional length for users who have fluid or fuel transfer applications that require a longer than the standard 5 feet hose that is included with the Professional Series Pump Kits. When added to the standard hose, the extension hose provides an additional 5 feet that can make all the difference when using the Flo-Fast pump system to transfer fuel and fluids. This kit combined with that standard pump hose will offer users will a total of 10 feet of hose to reach a vessel or fluid opening.

This  Pump Hose Extension Kit adapts to another piece of hose with a metal union and has a stainless steel hose clamp. Simply loosen (1) hose clamp, slide over to the other hose, and secure clamp to seal up hose line. It measures 5 feet of 3/4 inch inside diameter, 1 inch outside diameter premium flex hose.


  • 5 feet of hose
  • Metal union
  • (2) Stainless steel hose clamps