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15 Gallon FLO-FAST Container (Red)

SKU 15501

The FLO-FAST 15 gallon container was designed for portable fluid transfer applications ranging from a variety of recreational uses and commercial purposes. The rotationally-molded polyethylene construction combined with dual handles make it ultra-functional and exceptionally durable; therefore it will hold up in any type of environment. The material is compatible with aqueous fluids, fuels, oils, and many types of chemicals. FLO-FAST technology features a brass air valve which maximizes fluid flow, especially when utilized with the FLO-FAST Pump System. This container has a built-in handle on the bottom making it easier to grip and control when transporting. The FLO-FAST 15 gallon can will provide the utility and function necessary for all your portable fluid and fuel transfer operations.

15 Gallon FLO-FAST Container (Red) Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 14.5" x 15" x 27"
  • Container holds 15 gallons of fluid
  • Liquid level indicators in liters and gallons
  • Container is rotationally-molded which gives additional wall thickness throughout, making it ultra-durable and long-lasting
  • 3" opening with solid-plastic cap and internal o-ring to provide maximum seal
  • Dual handle for ease in transport, grip, and handling
  • Molded-in, female brass insert, combined with male vent valve to provide ample airflow when utilizing the FLO-FAST Pump
  • The FLO-FAST Versa Cart holds 1 of the FLO-FAST 15 containers
  • The wide base of this container offers maximum stability when hauling and transporting

15 Gallon FLO-FAST Container (Red) Includes:

  • 15 gallon container (jug)
  • Cap and internal o-ring
  • Brass air vent valve