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15 Gallon FLO-FAST Container (Use with DEF)

SKU 15503-D

The FLO-FAST 15 gallon container was designed for portable fluid transfer applications ranging from a variety of recreational uses and commercial purposes. The rotationally-molded polyethylene construction combined with dual handles make it ultra-functional and exceptionally durable; therefore it will hold up in any type of environment. The material is compatible with diesel exhaust fluid (DEF), as well as aqueous fluids, fuels, oils, and many types of chemicals. FLO-FAST technology features a stainless steel air valve which maximizes fluid flow, especially when utilized with the FLO-FAST Pump System. This container has a built-in handle on the bottom making it easier to grip and control when transporting. The FLO-FAST 15 gallon can will provide the utility and function necessary for all your portable fluid and fuel transfer operations.

15 Gallon FLO-FAST Container (Use with DEF) Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 14.5" x 15" x 27"
  • Container holds 15 gallons of fluid
  • Liquid level indicators in liters and gallons
  • Container is rotationally-molded which gives additional wall thickness throughout, making it ultra-durable and long-lasting
  • 3" opening with solid-plastic cap and internal o-ring to provide maximum seal
  • Dual handle for ease in transport, grip, and handling
  • Molded-in, stainless steel vent to provide ample airflow when utilizing the FLO-FAST Pump
  • The FLO-FAST Versa Cart holds 1 of the FLO-FAST 15 containers
  • The wide base of this container offers maximum stability when hauling and transporting

15 Gallon FLO-FAST Container (Use with DEF) Includes:

  • 15 gallon container (jug)
  • Cap and internal o-ring
  • Brass air vent valve