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Tote-Top Mega Funnel - Waste Oil IBC Tank Funnel

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Turn your IBC Tote into a Waste Oil Collection.

This giant funnel sits on top of your IBC tote and allows you to pour fluid into your existing tote. Store or leave supplies, such as pails, drain pan and filters, to drip dry on top on the Mega Funnel. The fluid is then funneled back into the tote.

This durable mega funnel is made of plastic. It features a large removable metal screen that has a center opening to drains fluid into the tote. This funnel is a simple oil drain collection system that sits on the top of our tote and can hold multiple oil pans, funnels, filters. Excess oil will drain off into the tote without a mess. The Tote Top Mega Funnel fits both 275 gallon and 330 gallon IBC totes.

Tote-Top Mega Funnel Specifications

  • Constructed of HDPE
  • 30 lbs.
  • Fits 48 " x 40" IBC Totes

— Diesel Creek

A good read as to why the Tote-Top Mega Funnel is a game-changer when it comes to waste oil equipment management.

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