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Roth Tank Plus Packages


Our Roth Tank Plus Packages includes a fluid level gauge which monitors the level of the fluid, a lockable vented fill cap that allows the tank to breath and an optical leak alarm. This Roth tank package is ideal when pumps and other fluid handling equipment do not need to be purchased.

Our Tank Plus Packages Include

  • Roth Double Wall Tank with Optical Leak Alarm
  • Level Gauge
  • Lockable Fill Cap with Vent
Specifications for Roth Tank Plus Packages
UL Certified Double Wall Roth Tanks are certified to UL SU2258, and are compliant with NFPA 30 & 30A
Gallon Capacity 110 Gallons 165 Gallons 275 Gallons 275 Gallons 400 Gallons
Litre Capacity 400 Litres 620 Litres 1000 Litres 1000 Litres 1500 Litres
Roth Tank Dimensions 28"W X 29"D 28"W X 29"D 28"W X 43"D 30"W X 51"D 30"W X 64"D
Roth Tank Package Height 52"H 69"H 69"H 62"H 76"H


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