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Graco 238866 | 25 Gallon Oil King

by Graco
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The Oil King is a 25 Gallon Capacity Self Evacuating Oil Drain

The heavy duty Oil King handles used motor oil, automatic transmission fluid, gear oil, hydraulic oil, power steering fluids and waste brake fluids inside the rigors of a busy shop. The Oil King features oversized tires for smooth movement across uneven floors and push-pull handles. The large funnel collects fluids from both a drain plug and a filter port at the same time. The Oil King can be raised to a maximum height of 72" and is equipped with a filter screen to prevent debris from entering the tank.

A full-length fluid level gauge lets you know when the 25 gallon capacity tank is full. Includes two methods of emptying: gravity drain from a bottom valve or suction-evacuate from the top. It also has convenient, built-in holding bins for new or used filters, wrenches and rags. Made from a heavy-duty, durable UV-stabilized polymer, this self evacuating oil drain is resistant to dents, rust, and corrosion and never needs painting to maintain its original appearance.

Oil King Specifications

  • Capacity: 25 Gallons
  • Length: 24"
  • Width: 24"
  • Height With bowl at lowest adjustment: 45"
  • Height With bowl at highest adjustment: 69"
  • Dry Weight: 54 lb
  • Fluid inlet/inspection port size: 3" buttress
  • Fluid outlet fitting size: 3/4" npt
  • Wetted Parts: linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE), zinc-platedsteel, brass, nylon, polypropylene, PVC, Buna-N, polyurethane
  • Recommended Operating Temperature: 30°F to 105°F

Oil King Features

  • Large Offset Collection Pan - This funnel can be raised to a maximum height of 72 in. (183 cm) and is equipped with a filter screen to prevent debris from entering the tank
  • Filter Drain Tray - Used filters are able to drain separately from the collection pan
  • Convenient Tool Tray - Built-in holding bins for new or used filters, wrenches, and rags all at your fingertips
  • Liquid Sight Gauge - A full-length liquid level sight gauge lets you know when the tank is full
  • Large 25 Gallon (94.6L) Capacity Receiver - Made from a heavy-duty, durable UV stabilized polymer. Dent-, rust-, and corrosion-resistant
  • Oversized Tires - Easily maneuver over hose and rough floors
  • Two Evacuation Port Options - Choose from the gravity drain valve at the bottom or suction-evacuation from the top

Download Graco Oil King Product Manual

Graco Oil King 25 Gallon Used-Oil Receiver Applications

  • Used fluid receiver
  • Automotive dealerships
  • Heavy-duty dealerships
  • Fast lube centers
  • Fleet service facilities
  • Service shops

The Graco Oil King is widely regarded as one of the best mobile oil receivers in the market due to several key reasons:

  1. Exceptional Durability: The Graco Oil King is built to withstand the demanding conditions of industrial environments. Constructed with high-quality materials and engineered to be resistant to rust, corrosion, and impact, it offers long-lasting durability even in harsh working conditions.

  2. Large Capacity: The Oil King is designed with a generous capacity, allowing for the efficient collection and storage of used oil. It comes in various sizes, accommodating different needs and volumes, ensuring you have ample space to collect oil without frequent emptying.

  3. Ease of Use: Graco has prioritized user-friendliness with the Oil King. It features a well-designed, ergonomic handle and a low-profile design for easy maneuverability. Additionally, the unit is equipped with large wheels and a convenient handle, making it effortless to transport the collected oil to the desired disposal location.

  4. Safety Features: Safety is paramount when dealing with used oil, and the Graco Oil King incorporates several important safety features. It includes a reliable vented fill cap to prevent pressure build-up and potential leaks. Additionally, the unit is equipped with a sight gauge, allowing users to monitor the oil level easily.

  5. Versatility: The Oil King is a versatile mobile oil receiver that can be used in various applications and industries. Whether it's automotive service centers, industrial facilities, or agricultural operations, the Oil King effectively collects and transports used oil, making it a versatile solution for different environments.

  6. Compliance with Regulations: Graco is known for its commitment to quality and compliance. The Oil King meets the necessary regulatory standards, ensuring that you can operate within the legal framework and meet environmental requirements for used oil collection and disposal.

  7. Trusted Brand: Graco is a reputable and trusted brand in the industry, known for producing high-quality equipment. With a track record of reliability and customer satisfaction, Graco products, including the Oil King, are backed by a strong reputation and reliable customer support.

Considering these factors, the Graco Oil King stands out as a top choice for a mobile oil receiver, providing durability, convenience, safety, and compliance in the collection and transportation of used oil.

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