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75 Gallon (1-Fluid) Steel Tank on Casters

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In various industries, the storage of oil and other fluids is an essential aspect of day-to-day operations; having a reliable and efficient storage solution is crucial. This versatile and mobile 75-gallon steel tank on casters for oil storage offers several advantages over traditional stationary tanks, making it an excellent choice for automotive dealerships, service shops and fast lubes.

FeaturesĀ of a 75-Gallon Steel Tank on Casters

The 75 gallon Mobile Steel Tank on CastersĀ features a fully welded steel ergonomic handle, a side mounted built-in bracket to secure aĀ dispense gunĀ and gun holder or placardĀ as well as a top tankĀ built-in bracket for mounting a pump and reel. The steel tanks have (2) 8in straight casters and (2) locking 8in casters, unless otherwise noted.

Each mobile steel tank has (4) 2in top NPT openings. Mobile Steel Tanks can also be configured with fluid handling accessories, such as a fluid level gauge, gun holder and a lockable fill cap with vent.

Mobile Steel Tank Specifications

Part No. Tank Capacity (Gallons) Steel Tank Dimensions
SSWP75 75 Total Gallons 26"W x 29"D x 42"H
SSWP125 125 Total Gallons 24"W x 40"D x 42"H
SSWP75-2 150 Total Gallons, 75 Gallons Each Tank 26"W x 53"D x 42"H
SSWP110-2 220 Total Gallons, 110 Gallons Each Tank 53"W x 37"D x 45"H
SSWP60-3 180 Total Gallons, 60 Gallons Each Tank 36"W x 40"D x 42"H
SSWP60-4 240 Total Gallons, 60 Gallons Each Tank
**The SSWP60-4 has Fork Pockets, not Casters.
48"W x 40"D x 34"H



The Benefits of a 75-Gallon Steel Tank on Casters

Mobility: The most apparent advantage of a steel tank on casters is its mobility. With heavy-duty swivel casters attached to the bottom, these tanks can be easily moved around your workspace or facility. This feature is invaluable when you need to transport oil to various locations within your facility or when you want to reorganize your workspace for efficiency.

Space-Saving Design: Unlike large stationary tanks, a 75-gallon steel tank on casters is designed to save space. Its compact size allows it to fit into tight spaces, making the most of your available storage area. This is especially beneficial for smaller workshops or facilities where space is at a premium.

Durability: Steel tanks are known for their durability and resistance to corrosion. They can withstand harsh environmental conditions and are less susceptible to damage than plastic tanks. This durability ensures that your oil is stored safely and securely, reducing the risk of leaks or spills.

Easy Maintenance: Steel tanks are relatively easy to maintain. They can be cleaned and inspected regularly to ensure that they remain in good condition. Additionally, any minor repairs or modifications can be made more straightforwardly than with alternative materials.

Customization Options: Many 75-gallon steel tanks on casters come with customizable features, such as the option to add a pump, hose reel, or drip tray. These additional features can enhance the functionality and convenience of the tank for your specific needs.

Compliance and Safety: When dealing with oil storage, compliance with environmental regulations is essential. Steel tanks are often designed to meet or exceed industry standards for safety and environmental protection. This ensures that your operations remain compliant and environmentally responsible.

Applications of a 75-Gallon Steel Tank on Casters

Oil Storage: The primary use of these tanks is, of course, for oil storage. They are ideal for storing motor oil, hydraulic fluid, lubricants, and other types of oils commonly used in automotive settings.

Worksite Mobility: These tanks are well-suited for construction sites, farms, and other locations where mobility is essential. They can be easily transported to different areas, ensuring that machinery and vehicles have convenient access to oil.

Emergency Response: In situations requiring rapid deployment of oil for emergency maintenance or cleanup, a mobile steel tank can be invaluable. It can be quickly moved to the affected area, providing a readily accessible source of oil.

Temporary Storage: If your facility requires temporary oil storage for specific projects or seasonal needs, a 75-gallon steel tank on casters offers a flexible and practical solution.

The 75-gallon steel tank on casters for oil storage is a versatile and efficient storage solution that offers mobility, durability, and space-saving benefits. Its flexibility makes it a valuable asset in various industrial settings, providing a convenient and compliant way to store and distribute oil and other fluids. Whether you're looking to enhance your workspace organization, improve efficiency, or ensure you're prepared for emergency situations, consider the advantages of a steel tank on casters for your oil storage needs.

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