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60 Gallon Each (4-Fluid) Steel Tank with Fork Pockets

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Mobile Steel TanksĀ feature a fully welded steel ergonomic handle, a side mounted built-in bracket to secure aĀ dispense gunĀ and gun holder or placardĀ as well as a top tankĀ built-in bracket for mounting a pump and reel. This steel tanks is configured with fork pockets. Casters are not available.

Each tank has (4) 2" top NPT openings. Mobile Steel Tanks can also be configured with fluid handling accessories, such as a fluid level gauge, gun holder and a lockable fill cap with vent.

Steel Tank Specifications

Part No. Tank Capacity (Gallons) Steel Tank Dimensions
SSWP75 75 Total Gallons 26"W x 29"D x 42"H
SSWP125 125 Total Gallons 24"W x 40"D x 42"H
SSWP75-2 150 Total Gallons, 75 Gallons Each Tank 26"W x 53"D x 42"H
SSWP110-2 220 Total Gallons, 110 Gallons Each Tank 53"W x 37"D x 45"H
SSWP60-3 180 Total Gallons, 60 Gallons Each Tank 36"W x 40"D x 42"H
SSWP60-4 240 Total Gallons, 60 Gallons Each Tank
**The SSWP60-4 has Fork Pockets, not Casters.
48"W x 40"D x 34"H


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