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Mobile DEF Truck Tank

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The Heavy Duty DEF Truck Tank is a rugged and complete DEF storage and dispense solution that delivers your diesel exhaust fluid safely to remote service areas safely.

At 51 inches wide, this heavy duty DEF Truck Tank fits in the back of a pickup to travel with you providing easy access to DEF when and where it is needed. The DEF tank boasts a mobile 32 Gallon capacity, allowing operators to dispense the right amount of DEF based on their requirements. The DEF transfer tank is outfitted with a forklift ready, powder-coated steel cage. The mobile system is complete with a Graco 12V electrical pump package that dispenses at 9.5gpm. Also included is a leak-proof and containment-free bulkhead draw kit, flow meter and auto shut-off fun and a hose reel with 33 ft. DEF-approved hose. The DEF Truck Tank arrives fully assembled and ready for use.

The Mobile DEF Truck Tank eliminates the need for separate DEF storage containers or frequent refilling. With its compact and lightweight design, the Mobile DEF Truck Tank enables operators to transport DEF directly to remote job sites or areas where DEF availability may be limited. This mobility provides increased flexibility for truck operators, ensuring they can access DEF whenever and wherever required.

Customers who choose Fluidall products, such as the Mobile DEF Truck Tank, can rely on the company's comprehensive customer support and after-sales service. Their knowledgeable team is available to provide assistance, answer questions, and offer guidance to ensure customers make the most of their DEF storage and dispensing solution.

DEF Truck Tank Specifications

  • 32 Gallon DEF Tank
  • 21.5"L x 51"W x 25.5"H
  • Graco 12V Pump 9.5gpm
  • 33′ DEF Approved Hose
  • Auto Nozzle
  • DEF Meter

Read more how how you can enhance efficiency and mobility in your operations with the innovative Mobile DEF Truck Tank.

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