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Mobile 110 Gallon Hybrid Double Wall Steel Tank on Casters with Graco 3:1 Pump Package

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Combining security, mobility, and convenience, this innovative Double Wall Oil Cart features a Graco 3:1 oil pump package.

Fluidall's Hybrid Double Wall Cart is a mobile fluid storage solution designed for storing and dispensing bulk fluids, particularly automotive-style fluids, in a shop or service station environment.

The hybrid steel tank package will arrive fully assembled with the selected Graco 3:1 oil pump package, ready for immediate oil storage and dispense in your service station or lube shop.

Hybrid Tank Features:

  • Gallon Capacity: 110 Gallons
  • Dimensions: 27.5"W x 42"D x 41"H
  • (4) 2"NPT Tank Openings
  • Universal Hose Reel Bracket
  • Fully Welded Steel Outer Tank
  • Layer Inner 110 Gallon Leak Proof Poly Tank
  • 5in Low Profile Mounted Caster Wheels
  • Stable Ergonomic Handle
  • Level Gauge
  • Lockable Fill Cap with Vent

Graco 3:1 Preset Pump Package (Part No. HDWT110-1GP) Features:

  • Graco LD 3:1 Pump
  • Graco SDX 50’ Reel
  • Graco Preset Gun
  • Air Pressure Regulator
  • Down Tube

Graco 3:1 Manual Non-Preset Pump Package (Part No. HDWT110-1GM) Features:

  • Graco LD 3:1 Pump
  • Graco SDX 50’ Reel
  • Graco Non-Preset Gun
  • Air Pressure Regulator
  • Down Tube


The 110 Gallon Hybrid Double Wall Steel Tank on Casters offers a combination of security and mobility, making it a practical alternative to fixed fluid storage tanks. Here are some key features of the Hybrid Double Wall Cart:

  1. Gallon Capacity: The double walled steel cart has a gallon capacity of 110 gallons, which is stored in an inner 110-gallon leak-proof poly tank.

  2. Dimensions: The cart's dimensions are 27.5 inches in width, 42 inches in depth, and 41 inches in height, providing a low-profile design for easy mobility.

  3. Top Openings: The top of the tank has four 2" NPT openings, which allow for direct mounting of fluid dispense equipment. This feature provides convenience in dispensing fluids at the point of use.

  4. Universal Hose Reel Bracket: The steel cart comes with a built-in top-of-tank universal hose reel mount, enabling easy hose reel installation for efficient fluid dispensing.

  5. Fully Welded Steel Outer Tank Layer: The outer tank layer is constructed from fully-welded steel, providing stability and durability to the cart.

  6. Inner Leak-Proof Poly Tank: The inner tank, made from blow-molded, high-density polyethylene, ensures that the fluids remain secure and leak-proof during storage and transport. Additionally, this material is corrosion-resistant.

  7. Caster Wheels: Equipped with 5-inch low-profile mounted caster wheels, the cart can be easily pushed or moved around the shop, enhancing its mobility.

  8. Stable Ergonomic Handle: The cart features a stable ergonomic handle, making it easier for users to maneuver and control during transportation.

  9. Fluid Level Gauge: Fluid Level Gauge: Monitor and manage fluid levels, prevent overflows or underfills, and ensure efficient fluid storage and dispense operations.

  10. Lockable Fill Cap with Vent: The lockable vent, which is integrated into the cap, allows for the controlled release of air during filling or dispensing operations, and prevent unauthorized access to the contents of the Hybrid Double Wall Steel Tank. This security feature is essential for preventing tampering, theft, or contamination of the stored fluid. Proper ventilation is crucial to prevent pressure build-up inside the tank, which can occur when fluid levels change, temperatures fluctuate, or when filling or emptying the tank.

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