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UNIVERSAL Macnaught BOP60HV 16-55 Gallon Battery Powered Pump Kit for Oil, Coolant & ATF (BP60S-UNU)

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BOP60HV Battery Operated Electric Pumps and Accessories for 16 and 55 gallon Drums and Barrels

A Single Powerhead Powers Multiple Pumps. Zero Contamination.
Improve efficiency with complete portability, reduce spills, increase safety, eliminate hand pumps and stop manually pouring oils into smaller containers.

This 16 - 55 Gallon Oil Dispenser Pump kit has everything needed to pump Oil, ATF or Coolants. Powerhead, Stem with 5ft of 3/4 hose with On Demand Nozzle, 18V Li-Ion Battery, Battery Charger, 1 Pail Adapter. Designed for 16 Gallon or 55 Gallon Drums up to 140W. Place the BOPHV into any 16 or 55 gallon oil drum, flick the Powerhead on, and engage the on-demand flow nozzle. Its that easy! Eliminates the need for hand pumping or air operation. Flow rates up to 1.5+GPM to smaller containers.


We have transformed our Pump Stem to allow for a single stem to handle multiple fluid types

New Pump Stem enhancement is now suitable for:

  • Engine oil
  • Gear oil
  • Hydraulic oil (oils up to SAE140 viscosity)
  • Automatic transmission fluid (ATF)
  • Engine coolant

Fluid specific stems are no longer required with our Universal Pump Stem

*pails or containers not included


Macnaught BP60S-OHU Specifications

Description BOP20HV Universal Oil Kit
Part number
Drum size 16 & 55 gallon containers
Lubricant Range Up to 140W / ISO680, ATF & Coolants
Delivery Rate Up to 1.5+ GPM @ 68F cooler temps will reduce output
Hose 5 ft of 3/4" Hose. 10ft options are available
Charger 45 min fast charge
Battery 18V Li-Ion Smart Battery 2.0Ah up to 40 GAL/Charge
Fully serviceable Yes
Warranty 2 years

Macnaught BP60S-UNU Features and Benefits

  • On Demand control nozzle
  • Portable Powerhead (Powers multiple stems)
  • Sealed wetted parts
  • Separate Powerhead multiple oils with one Powerhead 18V rechargeable 2.0Ah battery delivers up to 40GAL
  • Oils up to SAE140 / ISO680, ATF and Coolants
  • Flow rates up to 1.5+GPM
  • No more pumping by hand to reduce fatigue
  • No air required, eliminates costly air pumps
  • No funnels needed, reducing spillage

      Operations Manual: PDF
      BOP60HV Stem Extender Instructions: PDF



      How To Order

      The BP60S-UNU Oil Pump kit has all items needed to dispense Oil up to 140W/ISO680, ATF and Coolant from 16 - 55 gallon containers.

      • Start with this kit; you can add stem kits ( these are separate items ) for differing oils and avoid cross-contamination.

      • The Oil Pump Kit comes with (1) Battery, (1) Charger, (1) Pail Adapter, (1) Removable Powerhead (1) On-Demand Nozzle with 5 ft of PVC spiral wound hose.

      • Most BOP users purchase a spare BOP Battery to have one battery working and one battery charging


      • Automotive, Truck & Bus
      • Marine
      • Mining
      • Heavy Equipment Maintenance
      • Aviation Plant Equipment
      • Farming Equipment and Agriculture Use
      • Crane Maintenance
      • Wind Farm Gear Box
      • Locomotive/Rail
      • Mobile Service
      • Forklift
      • Gearbox
      • Compressor
      • Elevator
      • Turbine
      • Truck and Bus
      • Windmill
      • Plant
      • Machinery
      • General Industrial Oiling Uses

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Q: Can I use a Non-Macnaught 18V Battery on the BOP?
      A: No, BOP requires a Macnaught Battery

      Q: Can I store the Powerhead outside?
      A: No, the BOP Powerhead is not rated for rain conditions. Store the Powerhead in a dry location. Caution: Do not drop the Powerhead- damage can occur at any distance drop.

      Q: Can I pump diesel with BOP?

      A: No, only the rated fluids - Hydraulic or Engine Oils up to 140W/ISO680, Coolant & ATF.

      Fuels of any type are very dangerous to pump and will damage the BOP seals. Only Oils, Coolant or ATF. No other fluids are warranted.

      Q: Can BOP be used for Marine Outboard fills?

      A: Yes, we have many Marine Mechanics using BOP for this application. You will need to modify the Nozzle Tip to accommodate the type of Outboard connection you will use

      Q: Is BOP 3A or Sanitary compliant?

      A: No, BOP can only be used with rated fluids.

      Q: Can I run the BOP dry?

      A: No, do not allow the BOP to run dry. Impeller damage will occur.

      Q: Is the BOP serviceable?

      A: Yes, we have Impeller Kits in stock.

      Q: Do you offer a meter with the BOP?

      A: Yes easy to install and operate >  BOP Meter

      Q: Can I use an Oil Control Gun with the BOP?

      A: No, non-drip nozzles will not operate correctly with the BOP.

      Use only the BOP Inline Digital Meter IM012EB-01

      Q: My BOP is running slower at cold temperatures why?

      A: Oils thicken with lower temperatures, and cooler weather will slow the BOP flow rate. We recommend keeping oil containers as warm as possible indoors or with heating blanket wrap systems. BOP works best at 60F plus.

      Q: My BOP stopped Pumping. The battery is charged, Powerhead light is on what do I do?

      A: Inspect the Impeller for Damage or Plugging > BOP Manual

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