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Luxury Microfiber

Kingsguard Top Protective Layer


How do you effectively protect the surface of your vehicle in between washes? we’re talking traffic film, dirt, tree sap, bug guts, pollen, dust and everything else in the air.

Kingsguard Top Protective Layer is created to be a universal final top layer to be used on top your favorite natural to synthetic sealant. Kingsguard can be used as a standalone product too. After routine maintenance, apply Kingsguard as the final layer to add dimension to the paint. It offers that deep, wet, hard candy appearance. We think this is a winner.

Application Guide

Kingsguard can be used as a standalone product or over any natural or synthetic wax/ sealant even over any SiO2 based spray 


  1. Shake well before use – you know it’s always good to do that
  2. Apply Kingsguard to a clean surface using a high quality Microfiber towel
  3. Spray either on the surface or directly on the towel. Work in small sections and  gently massage into paint
  4. Buff off using a separate and clean microfiber towel
  5. Step back….enjoy the sleek protection coating.