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Luxury Microfiber

Jack Towel -16" x 16", 5 Pack (Dark Green)


This towel is the 'Jack of all Trades', the one towel that you can go to no matter what the job.

Super soft plush 500gsm edgeless 70/30 blend, the most versatile microfiber towel hands down. Made with high quality premium yarn, these towels will remain soft even after multiple washes with proper wash and care. This towel is guaranteed to become your new favorite. Did I mention no lint...!!

  • The Microfiber Jack Towel measures 16" x 16"
  • 500gsm edgeless, 70/30 blend
  • Available in yellow, gray or dark green

Wash and Dry Instructions

For best results wash towels before first use.

Microfiber towels do not like heat. For best results wash in cold water with NO laundry detergents and NO fabric softeners, instead use a dedicated microfiber detergent. If using the dryer make sure you use the low heat setting.

How The Manufacturer Washes This Utility Towel

I use one part white vinegar and one part dedicated microfiber detergent (Micro Restore) and hand wash my towels and air dry. When I have a big load I use the washing machine and low heat tumble dry setting.