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Cubetainer Mobile Base Adapter With Hardware

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The 34702395 Mobile Base Adapter is designed to provide mobility and convenience for a stackable Cubetainer Tank or Cubetainer for DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid). Each adapter includes a hardware kit for easy installation to a Cubetainer Base.

Key Features:

Mobility: The Mobile Base Adapter is designed to transform your stackable oil and Portable DEF tanks into mobile fluid storage and dispense solutions. This allows you to move the tanks easily to different locations as needed.

Compatibility: This adapter is designed to be compatible with the Cubetainer mobile base. (4) Base adapters are needed; 1 for each caster wheel (not included)

Hardware Kit: The package includes a hardware kit, which contains the necessary components required for attaching the adapter to your base securely.

Convenience: By adding mobility to your tanks, this adapter enhances the convenience of accessing and relocating them as necessary, simplifying maintenance and filling operations.

Durable Construction: These adapters, combined with a mobile base, are built to withstand the weight and demands of the tanks, ensuring stability and safety during movement.

Versatile Use: Whether you are using stackable oil tanks or Portable DEF tanks for industrial, automotive, or agricultural applications, this adapter provides a practical solution for improving the mobility and flexibility of your fluid storage.

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