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90 Degree Elbow 1in MNPT x Hose Barb

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The 34100542 90-degree 1-inch Male National Pipe Thread (MNPT) Elbow is a key component designed for use in a Stackable Oil Tank gravity feed system. This elbow is essential for redirecting the flow of oil or fluid within a stackable tank system.

Size: 1 inch - This elbow is designed to accommodate the 1-inch clear tubing within your gravity feed system.

Type: 90-degree - The 90-degree design indicates that the elbow provides a right-angle turn in the direction of the fluid flow, allowing you to change the flow direction efficiently.

Thread Type: Male National Pipe Thread (MNPT) - The MNPT threading allows you to connect this elbow to compatible female threads, providing a secure and leak-resistant connection.


  • Length: 2 inches
  • Width: 2 inches
  • Height: 2 inches

Function: The primary function of this 90-degree MNPT elbow is to change the direction of oil or automotive style fluid flow within your Stackable Oil Tank gravity feed system. It allows you to route the fluid in the desired direction, making it a versatile and essential component for configuring your gravity feed dispense.

Whether you're designing or maintaining a gravity feed system for your oil tank, the 34100542 90-degree 1-inch MNPT Elbow is a valuable accessory that enables efficient fluid flow redirection while maintaining a secure and leak-free connection. Its compact dimensions make it suitable for various installation scenarios.

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