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71 Gallon Wall-Stacker Tank

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  • Wall-Stacker stackable oil storage tanks store a multitude of automotive fluids such as oils, lubricants, hydraulic fluids, ATF, anti-freeze and DEF (diesel exhaust fluid), all within the smallest cost-effective tank footprint.

    Wall-Stacker stackable oil storage tanks maximize space in auto service shops, quick lube stores, fleet operations and many more industries. Bulk fluid storage tanks also eliminate the hassles and clutter of packaged goods and oil drums, while lowering your overall fluid expenses.

    These tanks are available in 32, 71, and 115 gallon capacities, and are ideal for tight bay ends and pit spaces because of their compact footprints. The space-saving tanks can be configured with gravity feed dispense, wall-mount pumps, hose reels, and other dispensing and metering equipment. In respect to the tanks height and design, wall straps are fastened vertically around a Wall-Stacker tank system, which secure the system to your shop wall.

    The tanks can be equipped with pump dispense packages, secondary containment vessels, gravity feed dispense, filtration, and other fluid handling equipment.

    These tanks are constructed from virgin polyethylene UL rated food-grade resins design. They feature molded in markings that offer visual fluid level, and the easy fill tank design allows for easy filling of each tank in a configured stackable Wall-Stacker System.

    The 71 gallon tanks can be stacked up to three tanks high in a single Gravity Feed System.

    19"D x 38"W x 33"H – 71 Gallon Capacity

  • Standard 71 gallon Wall-Stacker tank openings include:

    • (2) Angled Fill Ports with 2" NPT Poly Cap
    • (1) 1" NPT Stainless Steel Dispense Fitting
  • Wall-Stacker storage tanks are manufactured with the latest generation of high performing UV stabilized resins for longer exposure life to direct sunlight and ultraviolet light.

Wall-Stacker tanks feature (2) front molded vertical groves that assist in binding a stackable fluid storage system securely to the wall. Wall straps are not included with the tank, but they are included in a Wall-Stacker Gravity Feed System

Recommended Wall-Stacker Tank Accessories

Ideal for Filling the Top Tank within a Stackable Tote-A-Lube or Wall-Stacker Tank System.

Dispense and Fill Kits eliminate the need for expensive pumping equipment. Gravity Feed Kits are available with brass valves or stainless steel valves. Order the Kit for 1, 2, 3, or tanks, or to an existing stackable tank setup.

The Wall-Stacker Tank Stand can be used only with the Wall-Stacker tank systems, which have a 32"W x 32"D tank footprint. The steel stand is available with 24" or 36" leg elevations.

Vertical Wall Straps secure a stackable Wall-Stacker tank system onto the stand, over the tank and into the wall.

Recommended for use with the T35, T70 and T120 Tote-A-Lube Tanks as well as all Wall-Stacker Tanks. The Secondary Containment Vessel has a large 150 gallon capacity.

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