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71 Gallons (3 Tanks), Wall-Stacker Gravity Feed System

SKU WS71-3

Wall-Stacker Gravity Feed Stackable Tank Systems are ideal fluid storage solutions for constrained locations such as bay ends and pits. They maximize shop space and store a multitude of automotive fluids such as oil and diesel exhaust fluid within the smallest possible system footprint. They are a cost-effective and space-saving multi-fluid storage and handling solution, stacking up to three 71 gallon tanks high in a single Gravity Feed System that arrives complete with all necessary components including the tank(s), wall straps, steel stand, drip tray assembly and gravity feed dispense kit. Wall-Stacker Gravity Feed Systems must utilize the included steel wall straps which secure the storage system to a wall. 

Proformance Supply offers optional accessories and equipment to configure your stackable tank system, such as pump packages, secondary containment vessels, mobile steel bases, even filtration panels.

Simple assembly of the Gravity Feed Systems is required. 

Capacity Wall-Stacker Tanks Footprint Height
WS71 - 71 Gallon Tank 1 Tank 19"D x 38"W Tank 33"H Tank
WS71-1 System 1 Tank 30"D x 38"W System 57"H System
WS71-2 System 2 Tanks 30"D x 38"W System 87"H System
WS71-3 System 3 Tanks 30"D x 38"W System 117"H System