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Blue1 DEF Energy Equipment

660 Gallon Extreme Heated Double Wall DEF Cube (Flow Meter)

SKU 9050268

660 Gallon Extreme Premium Heated DEF Double Walled Cube Tank, Includes 400W Heater, 500W Probe Heater, TD10-120V Diaphragm Pump, Flow Meter, 25' Hose Reel, Stainless Steel Auto Nozzle, and Lockable Hinged Lid.

Extreme Heated 660 Gallon Double Wall DEF Cube Tank Specifications

  • Extreme Cube includes a 500W internal probe heater to prevent DEF from freezing.
  • Robust Double Wall Containment
  • Outer Tank Holds 110% of Inner Tank Volume
  • 6 GPM 120V Pump
  • General Construction Inspection Approval Z-40321-510
  • Hinged, Lockable Lid
  • Integral Sump
  • Electronic Overfill Sensor
  • Optical Bund Alarm
  • 2” Dry Break Fill Port
  • Liquid Level Gauge
  • Auto Nozzle and Nozzle Holder
  • Fully Assembled and Pre-Wired