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John Dow Industries

6 Gallon Fluid Evacuator


The 6 Gallon Fluid Evacuator is designed to remove used oil and other fluids from cars trucks and other automotive vehicles when conventional oil draining methods are not practical.

Fluid evacuators can remove used oil and other non-flammable fluids from nearly vehicle while using compressed air and with an on-board venturi vacuum system.

Fluid Evacuator Features:

  • 6 gallon capacities
  • Heavy-duty steel waste oil tank construction
  • Powerful venturi vacuum system
  • Easy-to-read vacuum gauge
  • 7' suction hose
  • (6) suction probes for most applications
  • Convenient storage tube for suction probes
  • (3) OE Style evacuator adapters
  • Wheels and casters are oil and chemical resistant for longer life
  • Self-evacuating with 10' quick disconnect evacuation hose
  • Sight tube for quick indication of fluid level

6 Gallon Fluid Evacuator Specifications

Gallons 6-gallon
Suction Capacity 4-gallons
Air Pressure For Vacuum 110-115 psi
Depressurization Time 60-90 sec.
Suction Speed .04-.05 gpm
Tank Material Steel
Wheel Size – Front N/A
Wheel Size – Rear 7" Fixed
Weight 45 lbs.

Fluid Evacuation Applications:

  • Traditional Automotive Repair – including oil, coolant, transmission fluid, brake fluid, differential oil and power steering fluid.
  • Auto Dealers – Essential for European manufactured vehicles that do not include a factory drain plug (Audi/VW, BMW, Mercedes, Land Rover/ Jaguar).
  • Quick Lubes – Avoid stripped drain plugs. Makes it easy to correct overfills.
  • Motorcycle/ATV Service – Perfect for oil changes.
  • Marine Applications – Boats, Jet Skis and other PWC.
  • Farm & Industrial – Tractors, generators, off-road equipment.