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350 Gallon Double Walled Steel Bench Top Tank

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Double Walled Steel Bench Top TanksĀ are UL-142 rated aboveground Steel Tanks, engineered and designed to provide a reliable and safe bulk oil storage solution for oil, lubrication products, or automotive fluids at auto shops, transportation facilities, industrial, military, commercial or construction sites.

At 33" high, the top surface area of the bench top tank doubles as a handy workspace. Tanks come standard with one coat of gray primer.

Bench Top Double Walled Steel Tanks include (2) Emergency Vents, At-A-Glance Gauge, Leak Gauge, Fill Cap, Updraft Vent and Nipple.

Bench Top Tank Model Gallon Capacity Tank Dimensions Tank Weight Standard Openings
FTDBSB-0180 180 Gallons 45" x 34" x 33" 450 Lbs. (6) 2" Top NPT, (2) 3" Top Ports
280 Gallons 67" x 34" x 33" 675 Lbs. (6) 2" Top NPT, (2) 4" Top Ports
350 Gallons 67" x 42" x 33" 850 Lbs. (6) 2" Top NPT, (2) 4" Top Ports
500 Gallons 93" x 42" x 33" 1,050 Lbs. (6) 2" Top NPT, (2) 4" Top Ports


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