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330 Gallon Obround Horizontal Tank, Single Wall

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Discover the exceptional 330 gallon steel Obround Horizontal Tank, a reliable and versatile oil storage tank for all your fluid storage needs. Manufactured by Peedee Tank, a renowned industry leader, this tank is designed to provide superior durability, reliability, and functionality. These Obround Horizontal Tanks are UL142 rated and built both in single and double walled steel tank configurations for the storage and dispense of lubricants, oils and chemicals.

Specifically engineered to accommodate 330 gallons of oil, this obround horizontal tank offers a compact yet spacious design, making installation in tight spaces a breeze. Whether for residential or commercial purposes, this tank is the perfect choice, meeting the highest quality standards. Thanks to its horizontal orientation, this tank optimizes space utilization, particularly in areas where vertical storage may not be feasible. The obround shape further enhances stability and balance, eliminating any risk of accidental tipping or instability. Crafted from heavy-duty materials, this tank guarantees long-lasting performance and exceptional resistance to corrosion. Its sturdy construction ensures protection against leaks, spills, and other potential hazards, ensuring your oil is stored securely at all times.

The 330 Gallon Obround Horizontal Tank offers additional features to enhance its functionality and convenience. It comes equipped with a universal hose reel mounting plate, allowing you to easily attach a hose reel for efficient dispensing and transfer of oil. This feature adds versatility and practicality to the tank, making it a valuable asset for your oil storage setup.

Furthermore, the tank incorporates a 2" drain located at the bottom, facilitating easy and thorough drainage when needed. This drain ensures quick and efficient removal of any accumulated residue or excess fluids, simplifying maintenance and cleaning processes.

When it comes to quality, these steel obround tanks from Peedee Tank are built to exceed expectations. Employing the latest welding technology and adhering to stringent testing standards, these tanks undergo rigorous quality control measures to ensure their reliability and durability. You can trust that these tanks are of the highest quality available in the market, delivering exceptional performance and peace of mind.

To add a touch of visual appeal and a distinctive aesthetic, the 330 Gallon Obround Horizontal Tank is painted with a vibrant blue paint finish. The blue color not only enhances the tank's overall appearance but also makes it easily recognizable in various settings. Whether it's blending seamlessly with your surroundings or standing out as a focal point, the blue-painted tank adds a splash of color while maintaining its professional and sleek look. With this eye-catching feature, you can showcase your commitment to both functionality and style, making the 330 Gallon Obround Horizontal Tank a standout choice for your oil storage needs for both residential and commercial applications.

For those seeking a cost-effective solution, the either the 330 or the 275 gallon steel single wall tank provides reliable oil storage without compromising on quality. Constructed with durable materials, it ensures efficient containment of your oil supply. This option is ideal for installations where secondary containment is not mandatory.

Alternatively, if you require an extra layer of protection and compliance with stricter regulations, the double wall vertical tank is the perfect choice. Designed with an additional outer wall, it provides an added safeguard against potential leaks or spills. The double wall construction enhances the tank's structural integrity, giving you peace of mind and meeting stringent environmental regulations.

With its universal hose reel mounting plate, convenient drain, and commitment to superior quality, the 275 Gallon Obround Horizontal Tank is the perfect choice for your oil storage requirements. This tank will not only meets your needs but surpasses your expectations in terms of functionality, durability, and overall performance. Order the 275 Gallon Obround Horizontal Tank today and ensure your oil is stored safely and efficiently with this exceptional tank.

Obround Horizontal Tank (single wall) Specifications:

Tank Model: 275OB
Capacity: 275 Gallons
Tank Dimensions: 27"W x 60"L x 44"H
Tank Openings: (5) 2" Top NPT, (1) 4" NPT Emergency Vent, (1) 2" Bottom Drain

Tank Model: 330OB
Capacity: 330 Gallons
Tank Dimensions: 27"W x 72"L x 44"H
Tank Openings: (5) 2" Top NPT, (1) 4" NPT Emergency Vent, (1) 2" Bottom Drain

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