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Luxury Microfiber

3000 Marolex Axel Foamer


Handheld Marolex Axel Foamers have the ability to change the density of the foam through interchangeable inserts.

Each Axel Handheld Foamer has 3 foaming inserts that produce foam of different densities. Simply change the foaming insert. Using a liquid foam, this foamer is excellent for cavities penetration – it makes the foam dense and compacted so firmly that it keeps on almost vertical surfaces.

The modern, hand held foamers are available in capacities ranging from 81 oz to 264 oz, all with a dry weight under 4 lbs.

Cleaning with Foam

Use your favorite cleaning solution such as soap, detergent, degreasers, disinfecting products to create foam that clings on to the surface for better cleaning experience.

Recommend Application

  • Home indoor/outdoor
  • Bathroom, Kitchens, Industrial and Commercial spaces
  • Hotels, restaurants, offices, kitchens
  • Automotive detailing
Ergo Sprayer 2000 Axel Foamer 3000 Axel Foamer 7000 Axel Foamer
Total Capacity 81.15 oz. 118.34 oz. 264.08 oz.
Working Capacity 67.62 oz. 101.44 oz. 237.03 oz.
Pressure 58 psi 58 psi 58 psi
Weight 1.21 lbs 1.34 lb 3.68 lbs
Height 12.20" 13.58" -