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2in One-Way Breather Cap

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The one-way 2-inch venting breather cap designed for stackable Cubetainer tanks is a crucial component for ensuring proper ventilation and pressure regulation within the tank.

2in One-Way Breather Cap Key Features:

One-Way Vacuum Relief: This breather cap functions as a one-way valve, allowing air to flow into the Cubetainer tank while preventing the release of vapors or liquids. It aids in maintaining proper pressure inside the tank.

Vacuum Pressure: The breather cap opensĀ to help prevent the tank from collapsing due to a vacuum.

Positive Pressure: The breather cap opens to release excess pressure, ensuring the tank doesn't become over-pressurized.

External Threads: The breather cap is designed with 2-inch NPT external threads, allowing it to be easily screwed into the tank's bung for a secure and leak-resistant connection.

Seals: This breather cap comes equipped with Viton and Nitrile seals as standard. These seals are known for their durability and resistance to various fluids and chemicals.

The one-way 2-inch venting breather cap for Cubetainer tanks is an essential component for maintaining proper pressure and ventilation in your tank system.

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