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2" PE MPT Top Fill Plug

SKU 34300458
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The 34300458: 2 inch polyethylene MPT Top Fill Plug for Cubetainer or Slimtainer Stackable Oil Tanks and Systems.

  • Length: 3 in
  • Width: 3 in
  • Height: 1 in

Size: 2 inches - This plug is designed to fit a 2-inch opening or port on your Cubetainer or Slimtainer Stackable Oil Tank or System.

Material: Polyethylene - The use of polyethylene ensures durability and resistance to various chemicals and environmental conditions.

Function: The MPT Top Fill Plug is primarily used to seal the top fill opening on the tank of a stackable tank system. It provides a secure closure to prevent contaminants from entering and to maintain the integrity of the stored oil.

Compatibility: This plug is specifically designed for use with Cubetainer and Slimtainer Stackable Oil Tanks and Systems, ensuring a proper fit and seal.

Threaded Design: The Male Pipe Thread allows for easy installation and removal, making it a practical choice for sealing and accessing the fill port.

Versatile Use: Whether you're using Cubetainer or Slimtainer tanks or systems for oil storage, this plug is an essential component to keep your oil secure and protected from external elements.

The 2-inch polyethylene MPT Top Fill Plug is a vital accessory that helps maintain the cleanliness and integrity of your oil storage system by sealing the top fill opening securely. It's designed for ease of use and compatibility with Cubetainer and Slimtainer Stackable Oil Tanks and Systems.

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