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200 Gallon Single Wall Steel Tank Plus Package

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Single Wall Steel Tanks are a cost-effective and durable solution for the storage of various automotive fluids and motor oils.

The SSW200A Steel Tank Plus Package is an economical fluid storage and dispensing set up. The 200 gallon steel tank is secured onto a steel 24inH Stand and features a 3-Pan Drip Tray Assembly. The top of the tank includes a Fluid Level Gauge, and Lockable Fill Cap with Vent. A brass Gravity Feed Valve is inserted into the bottom drain opening.

Assembled Dimensions: 36inW x 44inD x 70inH
Tank Dimensions: 32inW x 32inD x 46inH
Tank Openings: Each steel tank comes with (4) 2in Top NPT Openings, (1) 4in Top NPT Opening, & (1) 1in Bottom Steel Bulkhead for Gravity Feed Dispense.

Cost-Effective: Single Wall Steel Tanks offer lower installed costs compared to underground tanks and are a more budget-friendly alternative to cylindrical aboveground tanks. They also minimize operating costs when compared to the use of 55-gallon oil drums.

Shop Space Efficiency: These tanks are designed to maximize floor space efficiently, making them suitable for various applications, including auto shops, service garages, farms, and agricultural sites.

Durability: Manufactured from carbon steel and powder-coated to prevent chips and corrosion, these tanks are built to last, providing a long service life even in demanding environments.

Tank Openings: Each tank is equipped with a range of openings, including (4) 2-inch top NPT openings, (1) 4-inch top NPT opening, and (1) 1-inch bottom steel bulkhead. This allows for easy gravity feed dispense and the use of various accessories.

Built-In Mounting Brackets: These tanks come with built-in brackets for mounting a pump and reel, making them convenient for fluid dispensing. Additionally, they feature a steel bracket on the front for supporting a a dispense meter holder or as a built-in placard insert.

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