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1in 316SS Spring Release Ball Valve 35400436

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The 316 Stainless Steel Spring Release Valve with a 1" Male NPT is a versatile and reliable component designed for various fluid applications.

Key features include:

  • Fluid Compatibility: This valve is suitable for use with a wide range of fluids, including oils, lubricants, hydraulic fluids, and synthetic fluids. It's a versatile choice for different industrial and automotive applications.

  • Compatibility: The valve seamlessly integrates with allĀ Cubetainer and Slimtainer tank systems, ensuring easy installation and compatibility with existing setups.

  • 1" Spout Outlet with Hanging Hook: The 1" spout outlet with a hanging hook provides a convenient and controlled dispensing method for your fluids, allowing you to direct the flow precisely where you need it.

  • Spring Loaded Self-Closing Handle: The spring-loaded self-closing handle enhances safety during dispensing operations. It ensures that the valve automatically closes after use, minimizing the risk of leaks and spills.

  • Lockable: The valve is lockable, providing an added layer of security for your fluid storage and dispensing. This feature helps prevent unauthorized access or tampering.

Whether you're managing fluids in an industrial setting or a garage, the Stainless Steel Spring Release Valve with a 1" MNPT is a dependable choice for efficient and safe fluid handling.

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