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16 Gallon Portable Oil Drain | JDI-16DC-E

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This pump assist portable oil drain is the definition of industry standard for pump assist oil evacuation systems.

Pump-assist oil evacuation systems are specialized equipment used to efficiently and cleanly remove oil and other fluids from various automotive and industrial systems. These systems are particularly valuable in situations where gravity alone is not sufficient to evacuate oil, such as when fluids need to be removed from hard-to-reach places or when time and efficiency are of the essence.

16-Gallon Portable Oil Drain Features:

  • 16-gallon heavy-duty steel tank
  • op mounted evacuation port
  • OSHA-friendly labeling
  • Ball valve seals drain when not in use to meet EPA requirements
  • Reinforced 16in deep drawn "centered" funnel
  • 4-caster design provides superior stability and mobility
  • Oil- and chemical-resistant casters for longer life
  • Tank-mounted fluid level sight gauge
  • Molded poly tool tray
Gallons 16-gallon
Material Steel
Funnel Size 16in
Wheel Size 4in Casters
Height Adjustment 50in to 70in
Weight 63 lbs.


Built-In Sight Gauge
Prevent overfilling with the easy-to-read sight gauge, giving you a quick look at the fluid level.

Molded Tool Tray

Easily access ratchets, wrenches, pliers and other oil change service tools with the molded poly tool tray mounted on top of the tank.

Four Caster Design

Four 4in swivel casters make this drain easy to move and position under a vehicle. The oil- and chemical-resistant casters creates an extended service life of your oil drain.

Top Mounted Evacuation Port

The easily accessible top mounted port allows for faster transfer of used oil and adapts to most quick connect couplers.

16in Deep Drawn Funnel

Easily catch every drop of oil with this large 16” deep drawn funnel. The removable expanded metal screen keeps tools, drain plugs and other debris safe from entering the drain body.

Oil Drain Portable Applications:

  1. Automotive Service: Pump-assist systems are widely used in automotive repair and maintenance shops to remove used engine oil, transmission fluid, and other vehicle fluids.

  2. Industrial Machinery: These systems are used in industrial settings to evacuate oil and fluids from heavy machinery, such as hydraulic systems, gearboxes, and industrial engines.

  3. Agriculture: Farm equipment and tractors require regular fluid changes, and pump-assist systems can simplify the process.

  4. Marine: These systems are used on boats and ships to remove oil and bilge water.

  5. Environmental Cleanup: In cases of oil spills or environmental cleanup, these systems are employed to remove oil from water surfaces.

  6. DIY and Home Use: Smaller, more portable versions of pump-assist systems are available for DIY enthusiasts and homeowners to change their vehicle's oil more easily and without mess.

This pump-assist 16-Gallon Portable Oil Drain offers a practical and efficient solution for safely removing oil and fluids from various systems, whether in automotive maintenance or industrial applications. They save time, reduce mess, and minimize the risk of spillage or contamination.

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