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PeeDee Tank

1,000 Gallon Round Vertical Tank, Single Wall

SKU 1000V

Steel Round Vertical Tanks are UL142 rated and built both in single and double walled configurations for the storage and dispense of lubricants, oils and chemicals.

Each single walled vertical Steel Round Tank is painted blue and features a universal hose reel mounting plate, and has a 2" bottom drain. These steel round tanks utilize the latest welding technology and testing standards to ensure that they are of highest quality tanks available.

Tank Model Gallon Capacity Tank Dimensions Tank Openings
500V 500 Gallons 48"DIA x 65"H (4) 2" Top NPT, (1) 4" NPT Emergency Vent, (1) 2" Bottom Drain
1000V 1,0000 Gallons 64"DIA x 72"H (5) 2" Top NPT, (1) 6" NPT Emergency Vent, (1) 2" Bottom Drain