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1,000 Gallon Bulk Double Walled Steel Tank

Original price $9,585.00 - Original price $9,685.00
Original price
$9,585.00 - $9,685.00
Current price $9,585.00

Bulk Double Walled Steel Tanks are Built, Tested and Labeled per UL-142 and feature multiple tank openings and a fork lift skid channel.

Bulk Double Walled Steel Tanks are rectangular in size and are crafted to accommodate bulk lubricant or oil storage. Formed edge welded seams reduce potential for leaks and provides stronger welded construction. Bulk Double Walled Steel Tanks come standard with one coat of gray primer.

Bulk Double Walled Steel Tanks include (2) Emergency Vents, At-A-Glance Gauge, Leak Gauge, Fill Cap, Updraft Vent and Nipple.

Bulk Tank Capacity Tank Dimensions Tank Weight Standard Openings
180 Gallons 36" x 36" x 40" 515 Lbs. (6) 2" Top NPT, (2) 3" Top Ports
300 Gallons 43" x 36" x 55" 550 Lbs. (6) 2" Top NPT, (2) 4" Top Ports
500 Gallons 48" x 48" x 60" 1,050 Lbs. (6) 2" Top NPT, (2) 4" Top Ports
750 Gallons 63" x 55" x 60" 1,479 Lbs. (6) 2" Top NPT, (2) 6" Top Ports
1,000 Gallons 81" x 55" x 60" 1,754 Lbs. (6) 2" Top NPT, (2) 6" Top Ports


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