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Nesting 10 Gallon DEF Dispense Equipment for 106 Gallon Diesel Fuel Carrytank


This portable 10 gallon capacity Carrytank makes it easy to carry and dispense DEF fluid along with diesel fuel in one system footprint. The small capacity DEF  tank is molded out of rugged polyethylene and is designed to fit in storage compartment of the 106 Gallon Diesel Fuel Carrytank (Sold Separately).

Our small capacity 10 gallon DEF Carrytank nests Inside the Large Diesel Fuel Carrytank. This self-contained DEF tank is its own complete DEF dispense setup that includes a separate 12 volt DEF pump, dispense hose and nozzle. It is powered by the same 12 volt source as the Diesel Fuel Carrytank and has a separate power plug. No additional power cables are required.

Nesting 10 Gallon DEF Carrytank Specifications

Weight 13 Lbs.
Delivery Hose 13′