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25 Gallon Self Evacuation Portable Oil Drain | JDI-25HDC

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This 25 gallonĀ Self-Evacuating Portable Oil Drain TankĀ is a heavy-duty steel tank and uses Auto Check technology for easy and automatic drain evacuation. Auto Check eliminates the need for ball valves to seal the drain before air evacuation. The pressure valve located at the bottom of the down tube automatically closes with air pressure.

This portable oil drain tank is ideal for for small to large shops without an evacuation system, including service shops, automotive dealerships, fast lube centers, heavy-duty dealerships, and fleet service applications.

Portable Oil Drain Tank Features

Molded Tool Tray
A molded poly tool tray is mounted on top of the tank for easy access to ratchets, wrenches, pliers and other oil change service tools.

Built-In Sight Gauge
The easy-to-read sight gauge gives a quick look at the used fluid level in the drain to prevent overfilling.

Four Caster Design
Four 4" swivel casters make this drain easy to move and position under a vehicle. Plus the casters are made of an oil and chemical resistant material that gives them an extended service life.

Pressure Relief Safety Valve
For added safety, this pressure relief valve prevents the tank from over-pressurizing. Once the optimum evacuation pressure is reached in the tank, the safety valve will relieve any excess pressure.

Quick Disconnect Evacuation Hose
The 6ā€² evacuation hose is designed to stay connected to the used oil storage tank. With the quick disconnect feature, the drain can be quickly and securely connected for fast and clean oil evacuation.

16" Deep Drawn Funnel
The deep drawn funnel will handle a high volume of oil. With the offset design feature, it is easy to accurately position to catch every bit of oil. A removable expanded metal screen keeps tools, drain plugs, and other debris from entering the drain body.

Portable Oil Drain Specifications

  • Capacity: 25 Gallons
  • Discharge Hose: 6ā€²
  • Height with drain bowl at lowest adjustment: 50"
  • Height with drain bowl at highest adjustment: 70"
  • Weight: 85 lb

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