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DEF Fuel Boss Transfer Tanks

Enduraplas all-poly DEF Fuel Boss transfer tanks are perfect fluid transfer solutions for a fleets and for refilling on construction sites. DEF Fuel Boss featuresĀ molded-inĀ tank handles for easy lifting, a lockable pump compartment with a high-quality pump, long-reach hose and dispense gun. The DEF Fuel Boss is available in multiple sizes.

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Enduraplas All-Poly DEF Fuel Boss Transfer Tanks

EnduraplasĀ® Engineers are focused on making refueling units that are tough and easy to use. Diesel exhaust fluid can be very corrosive and a little awkward to handle. The DEF Fuel BossĀ® stops all that. This DEF transfer tank is delivered as an all-in-one unit. Tank, pump, hose & gun.