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200 Gallon Waste Oil Steel Double Wall Tank

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The 200 gallon Waste Oil Tank is engineered to safely store waste oil or used automotive fluids at auto shops, transportation facilities, industrial, military, commercial or construction sites. This waste oil tank is UL-142 rated and manufactured with double walled steel construction.

Newberry Tanks, a renowned manufacturer, offers a 200 Gallon Waste Oil Steel Double Wall Tank that guarantees durability, reliability, and environmental compliance. This tank is specifically designed for waste oil storage, featuring a double wall construction that prevents leaks and spills. Crafted from high-quality steel, this tank can withstand even the harshest conditions, ensuring a long lifespan and efficient waste oil management.

The 200 Gallon Waste Oil Steel Double Wall Tank by Newberry Tanks provides ample storage capacity for various industries generating waste oil. Its double wall design incorporates an interstitial space, serving as a secondary containment system. In the event of a primary tank failure, this interstitial space acts as an early warning system, allowing quick detection and remediation of any potential leaks or breaches. By effectively containing the waste oil, this tank minimizes the risk of environmental contamination, ensuring compliance with regulations.

Newberry Tanks prioritizes quality and adheres to industry standards when manufacturing the 200 Gallon Waste Oil Steel Double Wall Tank. Each tank undergoes rigorous testing and quality control procedures to ensure its reliability. Equipped with high-quality fittings and accessories including a 2in updraft vent, 3in emergency vent in the outer tank layer, and a 3in emergency vent in the inner tank layer, this tank provides ease of use and efficient waste oil management. Whether for automotive service centers, industrial facilities, or other applications requiring waste oil storage, Newberry Tanks' 200 Gallon Waste Oil Steel Double Wall Tank is a trusted and environmentally-friendly choice.

* This product comes standard with one coat of gray primer, please inquire if you would like to have product painted in a different color.

Double Walled Waste Oil Tank Features

  • 10 GA and 12 GA Steel Construction
  • 12" x 9" Lockable Fill Box
  • Fluid Level Gauge
  • Dip Stick for Interstitial Monitoring
  • Downtube with 2" Camlock and Dust Cap

Waste Oil Tank Specifications

Gallon Capacity
200 Gallons

Tank Dimensions
36" x 36" x 40"

Tank Weight
576 Lbs.

Standard Openings

  • 2" Updraft Vent
  • 3" Emergency Vent in Outer Tank Layer
  • 3" Emergency Vent in Inner Tank Layer

The Steel Double Wall Tank for Waste Oil is also available in a 500 gallon capacity.

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