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ISO 22241 Compliant DEF Transfer Systems

ISO 22241 Compliant DEF Transfer Systems

It is important to use a ISO 22241 Compliant DEF Transfer System. ISO 22241 is an international standard that defines the quality requirements for DEF including production, storage and distribution.

Proformance Supply offers several DEF Tank and DEF Equipment brands to choose from. Be assured that our product offering is compliant with ISO 22241 standards for diesel exhaust fluid. ISO 22241 standards will ensure that your equipment remains safe from impurities.

What do the ISO 22241 standards for DEF mean? Why should I care?

ISO 22241 compliant means the DEF transfer tank and equipment must be designed to keep diesel exhaust fluid pure and from preventing damage being caused to your engine.

ISO 22241 for Diesel Exhaust Fluid

ISO 2224 is a standard prepared by the Technical Committee ISO/TC 22 that often undertakes road vehicles, Subcommittee SC 5, Engine tests. This standard focuses mainly on the handling and storage of diesel exhaust fluid in a DEF storage or transfer system. The recommended standard explained in the ISO 22241 document is necessary to preserve the specified quality of diesel exhaust fluid from any point of production to the point where it is filled into the on-board tank of a vehicle. 

The key advantage of owning a DEF transfer tank system means that it will keep the engines of your machinery in good working order. It is worth looking after your equipment and maintaining the recommended IS) 22241 compliance.

Section 4 of the standard states, "To avoid contamination of DEF and to resist corrosion of the devices used (containers, tubes, valves, fittings, gaskets, hoses, DEF fluid Dispenser, etc.), all materials in direct contact with DEF during handling, transportation and storage, including sampling, shall be compatible with diesel exhaust fluid". This means that all DEF transfer tank and equipment components should only be constructed from polyethylene or stainless steel.

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