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Stackable Tanks

Effectively Organize Your Automotive Fluid Inventory

If you are storing bulk fluids, you will realize that 55 gallon drums aren’t the best bulk containers for the task. Drums are messy and are too small for large quantities.

Their cylindrical shapes make it a burden to move and store liquids. The questions then become: What is the best solution to store large fluid quantities? What oil and fluid storage containers are both refillable and efficient? Fortunately, stackable poly tanks provide a good solution to store your oil or automotive fluid inventory stock. We’ll highlight the most well known tank features on the market and we will show you why they are the most resourceful for bulk fluid storage and dispense.

Stackable Oil Tanks

Efficiently organize your bulk fluid inventory, eliminate the hassle of handling 55-gallon drums and maximize valuable floor area with stackable tank systems. Individual tanks are designed with a stackable compact footprint. The tank design protects your fluids from the environment with the construction from Natural Virgin High-Density polythene resins, and the contamination-free container will not rust or corrode. They can be fully configured with an array of dispense accessories for your distinctive storage and dispensing system needs.

These tanks are obtainable in 35 to 330 gallon sizes, with gallon indicators on one facet, for easy and correct measurements, with large angled fill ports and a stainless steel dispense fitting on the bottom for inexpensive gravity feed dispense. They're factory-made from FDA-approved high-density food-grade polyethylene, with U.V stabilizers and can be configured with mobile platforms and skids for portable fluid dispensing.

Stackable oil tanks are often used for the storage of automotive fluids, used bulk oil storage, DEF fluid, hydraulic fluid and many other fluids. These stackable tote tanks are ideal for fluids with a gravity of 1.5 or less.

Browse our choice of superior oil storage tanks. Proformance supply offers a wide variety of oil storage tanks from the manufacturer. The oil tank choices are on the market in numerous sizes.

Stackable oil storage tanks are price-effective and space-saving for shops and automotive garages. Each system stacks more than one tank and store up to 330 gallons of oil in an exceedingly compact footprint. If you're searching for a durable, reliable and refillable oil tank at a reasonable value, Proformance Supply has you covered. These tanks are good for automotive, construction, agriculture, and different industries that demand quality performance. They supply a safer, are more efficient transfer of oil, and different fluids.

Tote-A-Lube Tanks

Tote-A-Lube Oil Storage Tank

Tote-A-Lube stackable storage tanks and handling systems, manufactured by Fluidall, have proven to be the most popular and reputable tanks for fluid management. They are designed to cut back your total fluid expenses by enabling bulk fluid delivery. They maximize floor area by stacking the tanks in a compact footprint, and provide safe and economical storage for a large variety of bulk fluids such as oils, lubricants, hydraulic fluids, ATF, anti-freeze, and DEF. A one-time investment in a stackable tank system will handle all of your bulk fluids. Therefore, you will be able to eliminate the hassles and debris of oil drums.

Tote-A-Lube fluid storage and handling systems may additionally be designed with rolling casters, dispense packages, oil bars, secondary containment vessels, filtration, and different fluid handling pumps and equipment.

These proprietary fluid storage tanks are created from virgin polyethylene, UL rated food-grade resins with a design that offers a visible fluid inventory, and also the proprietary fill port-style permits for an easy fill in every tank within a stacked system. Each tank is manufactured with a stainless steel dispense fitting for gravity feed dispense.

Wall-Stacker Fluid Storage Tanks

Wall-Stacker TankSpace-saving Wall-Stacker poly tanks maximize valuable areas within a very compact system footprint. Wall-Stacker tanks are simple solutions that change bulk fluid storage in strained locations like bay ends and pits. These tanks utilize steel wall straps that secure the storage system to a wall and these kinds of stacker tanks are usually stacked in multi-fluid configurations up to four tanks high. Store and dispense multiple oils, chemicals, and industrial fluids in an extremely reliable, clean, safe and economical stackable poly tank configuration.

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