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Flexbimec US4081 | 100:1 Pneumatic Piston Grease Pump for 400lb Drum

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Flexbimec Pneumatic Grease Pumps are built with proven engineering concepts. The brass-aluminum alloy compressed air motor is simple and intuitive to use. The pumping system is equipped with a hardened steel pumping rod to withstand the toughest uses. The seals and gaskets are suitable for most multi-purpose mineral oil based lubricant grease from NLGI 00 to 3. They can also be designed to be applied in particular viscosity conditions.

Grease is a particularly viscous fluids that has a very dense appearance at the dispensing point. The viscosity of a fluid describes its ability to resist the movement of its particles.

The compression ration describes the relationship between the surface of the piston inside the pump motor and the surface of the piston that is pumping the fluid. The higher the value, the higher the fluid outlet pressure must be. Since Greases are mixtures of mineral oils and soaps (dense and inorganic substances) and therefore have a high viscosity, it is necessary to use dispensing pumps with high compression ratios such as 50:1 – or 100:1.

This pneumatic grease pump is designed for long-distance grease dispensing or forced lubrication.

Part No. US4081
Compressed air supply Pressure min 30 psi - max 120 psi
Compression ratio 100:1
Outlet pressure 11600 psi
Delivery 6,2 lb/min
Connection compressed air 1/4″ NPT (F)
Connection lubricant outlet 1/4″ NPT (F)
Max air consumption with 116 psi pressure 29 gpm
Diameter suction tube 1.10″
Noise level 79 db
Suitable for pails/drums of 400 lb
Weight 11 lb

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