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Blue Sky Outdoor Living

Spark Screen and Screen Lift for The Ridge Portable Fire Pit

SKU SP1513

Provides added safety for your smoke free portable fire pit


  • While Blue Sky smoke less fire pits generate few sparks due to the double burn, this screen will help prevent any stray sparks from escaping
  • Screen lift provided so you can safely reposition the spark screen
  • Steel outer ring on spark screen with expanded steel center
  • Top loop makes it easy to remove or position the spark screen with the screen lift

This pairs well with Smokeless Portable Fire Pits

Download the owner's manual


Box includes:
Spark screen
Screen lift

Spark screen size:
16.02" Dia x 0.83" H (40.7 cm Dia x 2.1 cm H)

Screen lift size:
2.7" W x 22.6" L x 1.5" H (6.9 cm W x 57.5 cm L x 3.7 cm H)

Net weight:
2.4 lbs (1.1 kg)

Gross weight:
4.2 lbs (1.89 kg)

The spark screen may rust or warp when exposed to the high heat generated by a Blue Sky smoke free fire pit. This will not impact the performance of the spark screen.