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Flexbimec US3024 | Mobile Waste Oil Recovery and Vacuum System, 6.34 Gallons

SKU US3024

The Mobile Waste Oil Recovery and Vacuum System is double-acting to drain and vacuum used engine oil from vehicles.

Oil draining is performed by means of a specific probe inserted into the dipstick housing. It is pre-pressurized up to 0.8 bar by means of 7/10 bar compressed air connection. The Waste Oil Recovery and Vacuum System operates autonomously and does not require a continuous power source. For optimal use, we recommend vacuuming the oil at a temperature no lower than 60-80° C.

Pneumatically operated tank divided into two parts by an elastic membrane. One part is reserved for oil filling and the other part is reserved for the introduction of compressed air with the valve calibrated at 2 bar max. The membrane assures that air never comes into contact with the oil, thereby preventing any risk of emulsion.

This wheeled waste/used oil vacuum tank with a 6.34 gal capacity is equipped with a level indicator, vacuum probe kit with various diameters and a storage tray. Manual tank draining.

Part No. Max Vacuum Time Creating Vacuum Capacity Collection Container Max Collection Quantity Discharge Pressure Weight
US3024 11.6 psi 1.5 min 6.34 gal 5.4 gal manual 22 lb