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Flexbimec US2914 | Mobile Pneumatic Oil Dispense Kit

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This mobile pneumatic oil dispensing kit, is built on a wheeled dolly and complete with an oil pump and electronic oil flow meter for 55 gallon oil drums.

This Mobile Pneumatic Oil Dispense Kit Features:

  • Pneumatic double acting 3:1 – oil pump that dispenses at 6.3GPM, Flexbimec Part No. US2020;
  • Plastic bung adapter for the fixation of pumps on drums, Flexbimec Part No. US4340;
  • 4 wheels dolly equipped with bigger wheels for rough surfaces, Flexbimec Part No. US4389;
  • 6.5' – rubber connection hose 1/2", Flexbimec Part No. US28702;
  • Electronic oval gears flow meter for oil, with control gun, rubber protection guard, trigger guard, flexible rubber outlet, Ø 1/2", with curved rigid 90Β° stem, automatic anti-drip nozzle and inlet swivel 1/2" NPT (M), Flexbimec Part No. US2631;
  • Open hose reel Flexbimec Part No. US9016, with 50' – rubber hose 1/2", Flexbimec Part No. US28715;
  • Pressure regulator with manometer and condensation water separator, Flexbimec Part No. US7180.

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